Central Java Immersion


FAB_7946_Snapseed FAB_7769_Snapseed

Yogyakarta X Magelang X Central Java X Gunung Merapi
Central Java, Indonesia

November 1-3, 2013

One of my most memorable and mystical trips so far.
I have been dreaming about the Borobudor sunrise for years now until that magical morning happened.

Nikon D7000 X Snapseed for Mac
Taken and Post Processed by yours truly.

FAB_7887_SnapseedFAB_7968_SnapseedFAB_7985_SnapseedFAB_8530_Snapseed FAB_8522_Snapseed FAB_8512_SnapseedFAB_8274_Snapseed



2 thoughts on “Central Java Immersion

  1. I am the first one who leaves you the comment here. haha. Congrats to the opening of your new blog! Loves, Hua.

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