This is Athens.

All photos Shot on iPhone 6Plus

Post-processed thru VSCO 

A quick stay in the Greek Capital to see the Ancient City and to immerse in the local culture. 

Happy to see fellow collectors also.

 Athens is truly an all-time classic!


6 thoughts on “This is Athens.

  1. Dear Mr. Fabo

    I hope your you are doing well and everything find. I am Ananda from Sri Lanka. Hope do you remember me. However I am very greedy to enjoy your lovely pictures. When I had a free time I can look at a picture many hours. I feel your view and concepts totally different with other Photographers. Camera may be different one. Is it true all pictures taken by iPone 6 plus? But I feel sad bit because still I am still waiting photos on your website which you were taken in Sri Lanka. I am also 1% share holder of this photos since I am the one who provided transportation for your Sri Lanka tour. Hah hah haaaaaaaaa

    I wish you every success in your life

    Travel coordinator

    • Hi Anan, I feel pity also that I didn’t managed to update this site anymore. I had so many travels after this that I didn’t manage to post. Now I already been to 31 countries and counting. And yes all my photos are taken using iPhones only.

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