The Magic of New York


Empire State Building, Bryant Park, The Largest Macy’s, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Philippine Consulate, Riding the nyc subway, Ruby Stairs, NYC Yellow Taxi, The Smoke of New York and many more.

This is a life-long dream that made history.

Being in New York City was always been on the top of my travel wish list.ImageImageImageImageImage

To see the snow covering Central Park, to visit Philippine Consulate along 5th Avenue where my sweet cousin works, witness how really bright  Times Square was, fall-in-line at Broadway, seeing a celebrity walking in any streets of NYC, looking up to see Chrysler and Empire State Building, riding the Subway, kneel in-front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s altar, to see how beautiful Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree and most especially to know how it feels like standing in The Big Apple; what a memorable experience for me flying alone going to East Coast.

Image“This photo of mine was taken from afar riding the ferry ship from Liberty Island showcasing a spectacular cloud formation over Downtown NYC.  This is my most memorable portraiture of my photography career because it was published by Lonely Planet Asia (released in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand) and eventually it was chosen by Lonely Planet UK. Both published in widespread.”


All Photos owned by Fabo Photography

Nikon D80 X Nikkor 18-135mm

Post processed using LR3


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